Head To Ladakh In Winter 2022 For An Adventure Of A Lifetime

head to ladakh in winter 2022 for an adventure of a lifetime

Sumary of Head To Ladakh In Winter 2022 For An Adventure Of A Lifetime:

  • Ladakh in winter is all about the daunting trails, snow-coated mountain peaks, rustic maple leaves adorning the streets, and frozen lakes creating an endless streak of dreamlike frames.
  • 1. Hemis National Park: The Natural Habitat Of The King Of snow Image Source Named after the famous monastery Hemis Gompa, the Hemis National Park Sanctuary is an ideal destination for sightseeing in Leh-Ladakh in winter.
  • Image Source Snow leopard comes down the valley when the mercury dips down the freezing point and on such rare occasions they can be sighted at the Hemis.
  • Other attractions in the park: Khurnak valley – prime snow leopard and bharal habitat, Markha valley, Chiling Nala for ibex, Rumbak Nala 2. Kargil: Second Largest Town In Ladakh Image Source One of the toughest terrains in the world, Kargil is the second largest town of Ladakh after Leh spanning across 1500 km of area.
  • As the lake is either partially or completely frozen during winter, it gives a feeling of being transported to the ice age.
  • Suggested Read: 11 Experiences That Make Ladakh In May 2022 A Heartwarming Trip 4. Nubra Valley: Behold The Moonland Image Source Brownie cake with icing sugar topping!

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