Healthy and refreshing: Popularity of Japanese matcha green tea spreads worldwide

healthy and refreshing popularity of japanese matcha green tea spreads worldwide

It’s hard to walk down the aisles of a Japanese supermarket and not pass an extravagant—at least to an expat American—tea section. Naturally, matcha, Japanese green tea, is at the forefront of the offering. Over recent decades, however, matcha has become noticeably popular in foreign countries as well. Is this the result of pop-culture diplomacy magic by MOFA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or are global citizens indeed recognizing something special?

Matcha is a type of green tea. It is a powdered tencha, or beverage, made by adding hot water to it and stirring it. As many are aware, the process has been formalized and celebrated. Indeed, tea ceremonies are serene to experience. Readers can see for themselves in the clip below.

Recipe: Three to four grams of matcha for light tea (usucha), and five to six grams for dark tea (koicha). Heat 1/3 a cup (or 60ml to 70 ml) of hot water to 80 degrees centigrade (176 F). Both usucha and koicha are considered proper types of matcha, but the difference is how much of either powder can be used without making the flavor bitter. In general, Koicha is more expensive but can make for a thick, rich cup of matcha…

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