Heathrow: most arriving passengers waiting ‘more than two or three hours’

heathrow most arriving passengers waiting more than two or three hours

Most passengers flying into the UK’s busiest airport face delays of “more than two or three hours”, MPs have been told.

Addressing the Transport Select Committee, Heathrow’s chief solutions officer, Chris Garton, said: “We’ve had queues in excess of two hours and up to six hours over the past few days.

The airport executive warned that passengers were becoming disruptive as they waited to be interviewed by UK Border Force.

Mr Garton said: “There’s 100 per cent checking.

“Everybody is lumped together to be assessed in terms of their compliance with the paperwork.

“The airport was never built to have so many people held up.”

Currently Heathrow has between 10,000 to 15,000 arrivals per day – 10 to 15 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

“We would like to see increased resourcing anyway, but Covid has made things much worse,” Mr Garton said.

“More than half of them are experiencing delays of more than two or three hours.”

“The situation is becoming untenable. We’re beginning to see disruption among arriving passengers. We’re having to involve police officers.

“The solution is to make sure that before you travel to the UK, your entry is assured…

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