Here’s what makes America’s newest national park worthy of its upgrade

Sumary of Here’s what makes America’s newest national park worthy of its upgrade:

  • Hidden within a 5,593-page omnibus spending bill in the final days of 2020 was a provision to reclassify this one-time national river as America’s 63rd headliner national park..
  • Watts says traffic on the park’s website is up 90% year on year, and state tourism officials predict at least 20% more visitors in 2021 than the record 1.4 million who came last year..
  • The New River Gorge is rich in natural and human history, but it’s also a world-class destination for rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing..
  • Up-close New River Gorge Bridge tours are available through Bridge Walk, a company that will safely harness visitors to the massive steel structure..
  • Where to hike The image most people have of the New River Gorge (if they can picture it at all) is its famous bridge, which links the towns of Fayetteville and Lansing..
  • Upon completion in 1977, the 3,030-foot-long, 876-foot-tall pass became both the highest and longest single-span arch bridge in the world..
  • While others have since eclipsed it, the New River Gorge Bridge is no less impressive some 45 years later — particularly when viewed from within..
  • Bridge Walk offers guided tours where engineering buffs and avid photographers can slip into a harness (fastened to a safety cable) and walk across the massive steel structure along a catwalk 25 feet below the daily traffic….

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