Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Best Travel Gifts For Movie Fans

holiday gift guide 2020 best travel gifts for movie fans

Can you remember the time of year and where you were sitting when you first saw your favorite film? Just the opening scene of a movie can instantly take you back to another place and time, and films can bring back floods of memories. Watching movies with loved ones or simply by yourself can be a transformative experience. No wonder frequent travelers often find comfort in movies during their journeys. If you are looking for just the right present for the feature film lover in your life, consider these gift ideas.

Just The Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer

Peter Pauper Press

What movie fan wouldn’t enjoy looking back over memorabilia from times spent going to see their favorite flicks? Just The Ticket: The Ticket Stub Organizer is a great gift for the traveler who always finds the cinema everywhere they go. This guided journal from Peter Pauper Press empowers the recipient to preserve tickets from movies as well as other concerts and trips. It has 20 acid-free plastic pages that are ideal for preserving movie tickets without causing fading or other damage. It also has lined paper inserts where the user can write about their thoughts and experiences with each film. It holds up to 80 movie tickets. Price: $15.99 on Amazon.

Armed Love Militia – Raw Live Lo-Fi EP

Fairuza Balk

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