Holidays 2021: Visit the greatest capes around the world

holidays 2021 visit the greatest capes around the world

May Bank Holiday: UK set for frost as temperatures drop

Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Portugal: You get three capes for the price of one here – it’s the westernmost point of mainland Portugal, of continental Europe and of the entire Eurasian land mass. The lighthouse at the top of the 460ft cliffs opened in 1772 and the site is home to numerous roosting migratory and marine birds. Next stop: East coast of the USA (though you might clip the Azores). More info: 

The eponymous city may be one of Mexico’s most up to date tourist destinations, but the area has been inhabited for perhaps 10,000 years.

But that’s a mere blink in time compared to the geological showstopper here – the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas was formed in the Cretaceous period 115 million years ago.

It’s the end of the 775-mile long Baja California Peninsula and where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California.

The best, and safest, way to see the arch is on a boat trip from the port. 

Next stop: Antarctica… eventually. It’s across more than 7,000 miles of open Pacific.

Sintra boasts a lighthouse at the top of 460ft cliffs (Image: Getty)

There’s a clue in the name – this is where England stops…

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