Hong Kong Disneyland Reimagines Famed Castle for the Very First Time—Take a Look

hong kong disneyland reimagines famed castle for the very first time take a look

The Disney parks are always breaking barriers and delighting fans with new experiences like the new Star Wars hotel. But Hong Kong Disneyland decided to make a splash by transforming one of the most classic attractions: the castle. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is now the Castle of Magical Dreams and is the first time in Disney history that an existing castle has been reimagined.

Graham Uden/Courtesy Disney 

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While it was initially dedicated to Aurora, The Castle of Magical Dreams has become a monument to 13 stories and 14 heroines (including Elsa and Anna from Frozen). Through a series of towers, turrets, and spires, each princess and queen is highlighted, ultimately doubling the original castle’s height. For example, Ariel’s building features a dome with scalloped details, and Mulan’s boasts an embossed cherry blossom motif. To honor the original princess’s palace, Aurora’s dedicated tower is higher than the others. 

Graham Uden/Courtesy Disney 

“With this expansion opportunity, we wanted something more prominent and relevant, that represents the verticality and diversity of the city,” Walt Disney Imagineering producer Amanda Chiu told Departures. “Guests will never see a complete depiction of the princess or queen’s image. They only see these interpretations and through architectural and show elements. We wanted all these 13 stories to be represented equally. They all have their equal spotlight, and collectively their stories come together to make this cohesive castle statement.”

Graham Uden/Courtesy Disney 

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