Hotel ‘scam’ warning: ‘Fake’ star ratings could catch holidaymakers out R …

hotel scam warning fake star ratings could catch holidaymakers out how to spot them

Hotel reviews have changed as the internet has evolved, with many guidebooks being pushed aside in favour of online reviewing platforms. Furthermore, in many parts of the world hotel review systems vary compared with the official ratings in place in the UK.

Travel journalist Simon Calder and former BBC producer Mick Webb for a new this week discussed how travellers can spot the ever-growing hotel review “scams” which often catch holidaymakers out.

Joined by Lonely Planet guidebook writer David Else, they identified how best to spot accurate reviews.

The prevalence of hotel scams is one that is particularly relevant when it comes to online “customer written” reviews.

This is largely because these often anonymous reviews are sometimes not really written by the general public at all.

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This is true of hotels in the UK as well as those further afield.

“What I have heard about TripAdvisor reviews is that if a new property opens up the first review will be from the proprietor which will be very favourable.

“The second from the proprietor’s spouse or partner, again very favourite…

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