Hotels Are Reimagining Existing Spaces to Give Travelers the Best in Private Luxury Experiences

hotels are reimagining existing spaces to give travelers the best in private luxury experiences

Even with the prospects of brighter days ahead, hotels are continuing to offer exciting adaptations in response to the pandemic. This is important not only to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape for travel restrictions and recommendations, but also with consumer preferences. People want more space and privacy, and luxury properties are taking the lead by transforming existing areas into entirely new, private experiences.

Bring the Cocktail (or Sushi) Bar to the Room
Courtesy Hyatt Centric Las Olas 

An excellent case in point is the Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale. The property overhauled a guest room into a speakeasy, 901, offering private bookings for up to six people with hourly rates per person. Guests receive a password they can use at the front desk of the hotel, receiving a blank key card to access the space in return. “With the pandemic, we’re seeing a growing demand for private dining and the format of 901 caters to those wanting a more intimate atmosphere without having to sacrifice on the experience,” says hotel general manager Eyal Goldberger.

It’s a smart workaround for guests who are beginning to venture back out, but still prefer extra space, and at the same time, it’s created an aura of exclusivity and uniqueness…

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