How To Drink A Gin Martini According To Highclere Castle’s Lady Carnarvon

how to drink a gin martini according to highclere castles lady carnarvon

Highclere Castle’s Lady Carnarvon reveals how to drink gin like royalty.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle became famous over the years as it was the setting for the hit show Downton Abbey. But it’s also home to real-life aristocracy Lady and Lord Carnarvon with a history dating back hundreds of years. And one of the things recovered from the family archives within the castle was a reference gin cocktails from the early 1900s. From that, Highclere Castle Gin was born in 2019.

Today, the gin is the winner of 35 international double gold and platinum awards and is made with juniper that has grown on the estate since the ancient Roman era. It’s also still encouraged to be enjoyed “Highclere Style,” aka as a cocktail made with gin, tonic, fresh orange juice, and peel, and topped with a rosemary sprig from the garden.

And there’s a reason to raise a toast with the historic drink as it was recently announced that “Downton Abbey 2” will be released with the original principal cast this December. Of course, Highclere Castle was used in the filming. So, to honor the big news, it seemed only appropriate to tap the official lady of the house to get her top drinking tips…

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