How to solve common pandemic travel problems

The covid-19 pandemic spawned thousands upon thousands of travel problems, and if you’re reading this, maybe you’re dealing with one of them right now. Are you still waiting for a refund? Can’t plan a vacation because you don’t know if it’s safe? Those are just two of the most common pandemic-related travel problems.

Perhaps the best advice is to have a little patience. As vaccinations continue to be distributed, travelers should expect covid-related issues to slowly recede. Just last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its recommendations for people who have been vaccinated, basically giving them the green light to travel again.

It’s just the beginning. Soon, refunds for canceled bookings will start moving faster. Flight schedules will be a little less mercurial. And maybe travel will become less of an uncertain thing.

Until then, here are common travel problems and solutions:

Solution: Persistence — and a reliable credit card.

It’s the biggest travel-related problem of the pandemic. Travel companies don’t want to give your money back. Remember last spring, when airlines tried to offer credit instead of refunds for flights they had canceled? Well, some just kept on doing it, despite government efforts to stop them…

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