How To Write A Thank You Note That Can Transform Your Career (And Your Life)

how to write a thank you note that can transform your career and your life

Sumary of How To Write A Thank You Note That Can Transform Your Career (And Your Life):

  • But for Gina Hamadey, it not only became her passion—it became the basis for a book, I Want to Thank You (TarcherPerigee), which chronicled a year of writing 365 thank you notes..
  • A few years ago, Hamadey—a former magazine editor turned freelance content creator—needed to write thank you notes to donors who had contributed to a charity she was involved in..
  • By the end of the month, Hamadey realized that she had written 31 thank you notes—one letter for every day of the month..
  • Wine magazine, so during her travel month, she thanked people she had met on trips and looked at how writing notes to world expanders can lend a new perspective..
  • During her career-themed month, she witnessed how expressing gratitude to mentors is the most authentic way to network and can lead to unexpected job twists..
  • Courtesy of Gina Hamadey Coincidentally, Hamadey took on the project at a pivotal moment in her own career as a freelancer..
  • Besides spreading some joy and gratitude around, Hamadey found that writing thank you letters was fulfilling, both personally and professionally….

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