I lost my nude beach virginity

i lost my nude beach virginity

Last weekend while on holiday, my partner and I went on a little bushwalk in NSW. It was an area we weren’t familiar with. But we saw a lovely looking beach near our campsite on the map, and decided we’d throw our swimmers in a bag, and make the short trek in. We’re marvellously intrepid like that.

Little did we know those swimmers would be completely redundant.

When we finally ventured onto the pristine white sand, we were struck by the fact that everyone was nude. Wall to wall wangs. Not a scrap of clothing in sight.

Nudity isn’t something we’re uptight about, but when you’re not prepared for it, it turns out it provokes an utterly juvenile giggle from both of us.

After a brief consultation that consisted of us attempting to appear unflustered and communicating purely through the movement of our eyebrows, we decided to lean in. When in Rome, (or a nude beach), etc.

So we found our little patch of sand, and tentatively stripped off. It felt wild to be completely naked in public. It was initially a bit confronting, but when you realise nobody around you is at all fussed by you, you begin to relax. And you enjoy the sun on your skin…

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