I swam with seals and puffins off the south-west coast of Wales

i swam with seals and puffins off the south west coast of wales

Sumary of I swam with seals and puffins off the south-west coast of Wales:

  • Photograph: Michael Charles/AlamyIn Britain it’s always worth hanging around to see what the weather will do.
  • and David Miller, an artist who spends much of his time underwater, studying his favourite subjects, marine and aquatic life.
  • Photograph: David Tipling Photo Library/AlamyAs we approach the Smalls, seals pop their heads up from the swell to watch us.
  • David’s puffin decoy hatAfter half an hour we’re getting chilly so reboard the boat, warm up with tea and coffee, then motor a few miles back east to Grassholm island, to watch gannets.
  • From here we continue back to the lee of Skomer, where David takes over command, being the unsurpassed expert in getting close to sea creatures – finned and feathered – without disturbance.
  • ’ Photograph: Nature Picture Library/AlamyI slide into the water and allow myself to drift gently towards a mixed flock of puffins, razorbills and guillemots.

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