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Improve Pandemic Happy Hour With A Home Cocktail Machine

The sameness of everything is wearing us all down. Wake up. Pull on sweatpants (or maybe one of these ridiculous onesies: a button-down shirt attached to sweatpants). Open your laptop. Zoom. Repeat. I’ve taken to moving my laptop from the office to the dining room table to the kitchen, sometimes pretending that I’m sitting in a coffee shop instead of in the same house I’ve been in for …. Ever…

Can’t have a change of scenery? How about a change of cocktails.


Across much of the country, bars are restricted or closed and the number of people you can have at an indoor gathering is tightly constrained. So there’s no chatting with your local mixologist – and if you’re having a micro-wedding or other sanctioned gathering, for example, hiring a bartender may mean there isn’t room for Uncle Pete… which might be okay.

Using your own spirits gives you a lot of control over the quality of your cocktail.


When the Bartesian cocktail machine launched a while back, I have to admit I didn’t really see the point. I had recently ditched my Keurig for a pour-over coffee set up, and if I wanted a fancy cocktail, there are several places within walking distance of my home that are happy to oblige.

But now, having an automated cocktail dispenser sitting on my counter makes a whole world of sense. Feeling like a Lemon Drop? Push a button. Want an Old Fashioned after dinner? Push a button. With an extension cord, you can even set the Bartesian up outside to cater a socially distanced micro family gathering.


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