Interview With Vladislav Doronin, Chairman And CEO Of Aman

interview with vladislav doronin chairman and ceo of aman

Vladislav Doronin is the man behind the world’s most preeminent resort brand Aman. An accomplished international investor and real estate developer focused on luxury residential, commercial and hospitality properties, he is also founder of leading real estate development firm, Capital Group and Chairman and CEO of OKO Group.

Vladislav Doronin at Aman Venice

His childhood in Saint Petersburg has prepared him for a thirst for travel and adventure. Saint Petersburg, the marvelous historical and cultural capital of Russia, was built by Peter the Great in the early 1700’s. His aim was to build the most beautiful city in Europe. Mr. Doronin grew up there and found himself surrounded with beautiful Baroque and neoclassical architecture, the world’s best ballet and opera at the Mariinsky Theatre and in the Hermitage one of the world’s largest, most varied and valuable collections of art and historical artefacts. They say if you spend a minute looking at every piece in the Hermitage it would take you 11 years to view the entire collection. This collection amassed over centuries from all over the world gave Vladislav Doronin a deep longing to travel and explore. So, what could we learn from his exceptional vision and career? 

Is it correct that you left Russia in the 1980’s with only $250?

Roughly $250 – I haven’t adjusted for inflation – that was the most you could take with you when you left the country at that time. 

Vladislav Doronin at Amanpuri

Could you tell me about your career before Aman? How did you decide to move into Commodities Trading and then real estate development? 

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