Is Antarctica a country? The future of the world’s least understood continent

is antarctica a country the future of the worlds least understood continent

Sumary of Is Antarctica a country? The future of the world’s least understood continent:

  • “The “True South” flag Townsend designed to represent AntarcticaCourtesy Evan Townsend/True SouthDespite not having a background in design, Townsend identifies as a longtime “flag nerd” and began to toy with the idea of creating a flag to represent Antarctica.
  • He went with dark blue for the Southern Ocean waters and white for the landscape, with an isosceles triangle in the center to represent Antarctica’s icy peaks.
  • “Swedish nurse Johanna Davidsson didn’t set out for the South Pole aiming for a world record — but she walked away with one anyway.
  • “it’s meant to represent the shared goals and values by which the Antarctic community can orient itself.
  • Courtesy Lisa Minelli/True SouthKlaus Dodds, professor of Geopolitics at the University of London, is the author of several books about the polar regions, most recently “The Arctic: A Very Short Introduction,” co-authored with Jamie Woodward.
  • “Antarctica’s fragility, I think, represents the fragility of the wider world.

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