Is The Recovery Of Travel Demand About To Fizzle Out, Or Just Experiencing A Seasonal Lull?

is the recovery of travel demand about to fizzle out or just experiencing a seasonal lull

Sumary of Is The Recovery Of Travel Demand About To Fizzle Out, Or Just Experiencing A Seasonal Lull?:

  • The U.S. travel industry has begun receiving a long-and-growing string of bad news reports as it heads into the critical period historically known as the post-summer “shoulder season.
  • ” The shoulder season happens every year (well, not last year, but every other year) as summer vacation travel demand predictably dries up.
  • The shoulder season also is when, traditionally, business travel demand stalls, temporarily, as companies, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs go into planning and preparation mode for their big autumn pushes.
  • But now, in addition to those normal, seasonal swings, the U.S. travel industry is beginning to feel, or at least read about some additional negative influences on travel demand this fall.
  • Fare prices this fall are looking to be enormous bargains for those who do want to travel by air.
  • And fall fares, which historically are among the lowest in any year, are expected to drop more than usual this fall in light of the weakening demand picture.

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