It’s not a vaccine passport, but more people travel ‘CLEAR’ post-pandemic

its not a vaccine passport but more people travel clear post pandemic

Sumary of It’s not a vaccine passport, but more people travel ‘CLEAR’ post-pandemic:

  • CLEAR, a New York City-based company that specializes in biometric security and originally got its start speeding travelers through growing airport lines in the post-9/11 era, now sees a major opportunity as the country exits lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic..
  • CLEAR recently released a product called Health Pass that links Covid-19 health information to biometric identifiers such as your face, eyes and fingerprints..
  • Since Health Pass launched, it has made significant inroads, particularly with stadiums that hold sporting events and need to check the status of many people quickly..
  • In February, 100 vaccinated health-care workers were able to attend the Super Bowl by verifying their status through Health Pass..
  • “So connecting you to your health insights that are Covid-related was just always part of our mission in what we were doing, right aligned with it.”.
  • Not a ‘vaccine passport’ The CLEAR CEO stressed that the company’s technology should be not associated with the idea of a vaccine passport..
  • What we are talking about is giving people control and access to their health-care information, which was something that was happening before,”…

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