Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Secrets To Staying Healthy When Traveling

kristin cavallari reveals her secrets to staying healthy when traveling

Mom entrepreneur, television personality, founder and CEO of Uncommon James, Kristin Cavallari teams … [+] up with mom-founded protein snack brand Lorissa’s Kitchen to shine a spotlight on mom-owned businesses this Mother’s Day with online gift destination Lorissa’s List.

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One look at Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram, and you’ll be swept up in a world of picturesque travel. In just the past few months, the CEO of Uncommon James has been skiing in Colorado, opened a store in Dallas, vacationed with pals in Mexico, and enjoying some downtime at the luxe Blackberry Mountain in Tennessee. But despite a hectic schedule, the mom of three manages to maintain her healthy diet and workout regimen on the road. How? Well, the former reality star shared her secrets with me as part of her partnership with protein snack brand Lorissa’s Kitchen and HeyMama (they teamed up to launch Lorissa’s List featuring a variety of gift options for moms made by moms). Here’s what the entrepreneur had to say about staying healthy on the road, traveling with kids, and what destinations inspired her jewelry pieces.

You’re always on the road! How do you maintain your healthy workout and diet?

No matter where I’m going, if it’s a plane ride that’s an hour and a half, or if it’s 14 hours, I am bringing food with me…

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