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Last-minute bookings may become future of holidays – but expert warns of key risks

Though the announcement of a vaccine, reported to be more than 90 percent effective, shows a glimmer of hope that the international tourism industry may reclaim some of its former glory, it seems some elements of 2020 could be here to stay.

Ms Coulthurst says the travel firm has “really seen an uptick” since the announcement, and she believes things will only get better from here.

The seven-day period, Monday to Monday, from the initial Pfizer vaccine announcement, saw a 64 percent increase in bookings for Travel Supermarket.

“We’re seeing bookings coming through for December, January, April, May predominantly,” she said.

“Families are looking for Easter. I reckon that’s because any families I know, they didn’t necessarily get away abroad this year and they need a chance to do that.

“When you are starting to get better weather and testing and things should hopefully be in a better place to enable travel without so much fear of quarantine on return.”

However, as the demand for travel increases, the expert shared a warning for those who may be hoping to book at the last minute.

“I think holidays as demand comes back then holiday prices will naturally increase,” she said.

“I guess there is always those few who are more cautious, but if you’re going to be more cautious, like we always say, if you are going to wait until the summer you might not have as much choice or the prices might have gone up but it is a risk you take.”

Ms Coulthurst believes the future of travel is a “moving picture”, but she remains hopeful that demand will continue.

“I mean Britons love holidays. I can’t think of a country in Europe that love holidays more than we do,” she said.

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