Learn From France For A Life Changing Experience

learn from france for a life changing experience

Beyond great food and fine living, France is home to world-class universities and business school … [+] for a priceless international study experience


Food, wine and number crunching? The delights of France as a cultural capital are legendary, but a country that celebrates the beauty of art, romance and fine living also has a love affair with mathematics.

France is second only to the United States for the number of citizens (12) awarded the Field Medal, also known as the Nobel for Mathematics. And on the global stage of higher education, the numbers are starting to add up. The University of Paris-Saclay this year ranked #1 for mathematics in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, with Sorbonne University ranking #3 ahead of Stanford, Cambridge University and MIT.

With four Nobel Prizes for Chemistry, Economics and Physics in the last five years, and a record 21 business schools among the world’s top 100 in the FT Masters in Management ranking, one of Europe’s leading economies is blazing a trail in both science and business. From aerospace and energy to telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, the country that gave us the word entrepreneur has also become a dynamic start-up ecosystem, with La French Tech attracting billions of euros of investment to support fast-growing digital technology companies to bring advances in medtech, biotech, cleantech to the international market.

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