Little Explorer, Olivia

little explorer olivia

When we asked Olivia’s mum Janelle Street about who Olivia was, she said she was a very happy, bright and content 21-month-old.

She loves to read books, build block towers and stir ‘coffee’ for her family, friends and teddies. She loves Minnie Mouse and her absolute favourite thing to do is dance and wave her arms to music. Like many of us she is a sucker for an 80s/90s pop tune— her favourites are a-ha ‘Take On Me’ and Tiffany ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’.

“She is very social – she smiles, waves and blows kisses to everyone she meets,” Ms Street said.

Olivia also lives her life with collagen VI related myopathy, a condition that affects her skeletal muscles and for which there is currently no cure. She also has severe scoliosis and had torticollis and hip displasia.

Her conditions only affect her physicality. She’s only been able to sit without support for short periods of time in the last few months, which means, she needs supervision because she can lose her balance easily.

“She isn’t strong enough to brace herself with her hands to break her fall,” Ms Street said.

“She is unable to crawl, stand on her own or walk yet”.

She is restricted to laying on the floor, sitting in a supportive chair or having someone position or move her to help reach for things and play.

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