London Bridge: An Interesting Guide To Visit This Iconic Bridge In 2022

london bridge an interesting guide to visit this iconic bridge in 2022

Sumary of London Bridge: An Interesting Guide To Visit This Iconic Bridge In 2022:

  • World’s leading global city, London is one of the select few old cities in Europe.
  • Out of the several attractions that appeal to the visitors, London Bridge equally remains a big name as the greatest landmark in this global city.
  • Constructed on the famous River Thames to connect the twin cities of London and Southwark, this bridge is a popular landmark in the central London area.
  • London Bridge Facts Currently existing London Bridge is a modified and rebuilt version of the oldest one that existed for several centuries.
  • The new one was made operational to counter the London traffic way back in 1973. The original London Bridge existing in the 19th century was a stone-arched bridge which got replaced later.
  • It should be brought into the notice of the visitors that even 19th century London Bridge had been replaced from its 600-year-old stone-built medieval structure.

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