London Christmas lights: The most fabulous 2020 lights in the capital to spot now

london christmas lights the most fabulous 2020 lights in the capital to spot now

The Christmas lights of London are up, and 2020 may well be one of the best ever years to enjoy them thanks to reduced crowds. For those wanting to avoid the crowds altogether, there is one way to do it – take the car. We did just that, hopping into the sleek new BMW 4 Series Coupé for the trip.

Oxford Street

Iconic Oxford Street is one drivers usually avoid – and in fact private vehicles are banned from driving on the road daily from 7am-7pm, with plans to entirely pedestrianise it favoured by London Mayor Sadiq Kahn – although these have now been dropped.

The private car ban doesn’t matter at all for those planning to see the lights anyway – waiting until nightfall ensures they are as twinkly as can be.

We started here, tootling down the road listening to the best Christmas tunes thanks to my Christmas playlist – blasting out of the BMW’s speakers after I synched my phone to the car. Genius.

This year’s display pays tribute to the 2020 heroes who have helped strangers during the pandemic, putting their names up in lights. Britons can still nominate their 2020 hero, and see their name in lights for week.

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Regent Street

Just around the corner is Regent Street, which has had Christmas lights since 1954 – the first central London location to do so.

The temperature had dropped since my passenger had opened his windows to gawp at the lights, but a quick blast of the heated seats and steering wheel soon warmed my chilly hands.

Driving down Regent’s Street was spectacular, as this year the road has the largest light installation in the country.

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