Marriott Just Agreed To Disclose Resort Fees In Hotel Room Rates

marriott just agreed to disclose resort fees in hotel room rates

Sumary of Marriott Just Agreed To Disclose Resort Fees In Hotel Room Rates:

  • Marriott International, the world’s largest hospitality company, has agreed to include mandatory resort fees in room rates following an investigation led by the Pennsylvania Attorney General into whether the company was in violation of consumer-protection laws.
  • Last week, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that his office had reached a settlement with Marriott, in which the hospitality behemoth will have nine months to implement the changes nationwide.
  • “Over the years, travelers have been reportedly misled by the published rates offered by hotels for a night’s stay only later to be hit with ‘resort fees’ through the hotel industry’s practice of ‘drip pricing,’ where the rate advertised does not include additional mandatory fees,” said Shapiro in a statement.
  • With this settlement, Marriott is agreeing to be “upfront and transparent in the disclosure of mandatory fees, including resort fees, as part of the total price of a hotel stay–allowing consumers to be able to compare total price costs for hotels and find the one that is the best fit for them,” said Shapiro.
  • In general, consumers are obligated to pay these fees whether they use the services or not.
  • Shapiro focused his investigation on the widespread practice of “drip pricing,” where resort fees are disclosed gradually as consumers go through the process of booking a hotel.

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