Meet a family that travels the world full time on a yacht for $2,500 a month

meet a family that travels the world full time on a yacht for 2500 a month

The Sueiros had it all — great careers, a community of friends and kids enrolled in a top-notch international school in Boston.

Will was a corporate accountant, and Jessica ran a graphic design business from home. Life was “comfortable, uneventful and routine,” said Jessica Sueiro.

“Life was good” for the Sueiro family before they began traveling the world full-time, but they wanted adventures and a world education for their kids, said Jessica Sueiro.

However, they were overscheduled and depleting their finances with expenditures of around $10,000 a month — not on “a pampered life” of fancy cars or weekend ski trips, said Sueiro, but on rent, private school tuition and an “image” that required presentable clothing and regular haircuts.

“We had the lifestyle that we dreamt of,” said Sueiro. “But once we had it, we were not convinced it was the correct path for our family.”

The family took a “test trip summer” to Paris to see if they could survive in a foreign land, said Sueiro.

“Not only could we survive, but we thrived,” she told CNBC. “We lived on much less, and we were so happy…

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