Most of Europe will be green by next month in ‘big bang’ reopening

most of europe will be green by next month in big bang reopening

Most of Europe and the US should move onto the UK’s “green list” next month, according to government ministers.

This “big bang” reopening for travel is due in large part to the UK’s successful rollout of the vaccination programme, which has seen one in four Britons receive both doses of the vaccine at the time of writing.

After the initial green list of countries – from where arrivals into England will not have to quarantine as of 17 May – is announced, the list will be reviewed every three weeks.

A small number of destinations are expected to make the cut at first, including Malta, Portugal and Israel, but many more should be added in the next few review sessions, reports the Times.

“June will look a lot more like normal, many of the traditional holiday destinations will be on the list by then,” said a government source.

Meanwhile, Professor Neil Ferguson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that if infection rates in France and Italy, for example, were similar to that of the UK this summer, “then there’s no risk associated with travelling overseas”.

“The risk comes from going from a place like the UK with very low infection levels and going to a place with much higher infection levels and therefore having the risk of bringing infection back…

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