Most popular UK holiday destinations for this summer – where to book now

most popular uk holiday destinations for this summer where to book now

Britons are hopeful that they will be able to travel abroad this summer as many have already started to book foreign holidays, but with rises in coronavirus cases in Europe over the past few weeks, the situation remains uncertain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to confirm the next steps in his roadmap out of lockdown plans in April.

Although it is still unclear if Britons will be able to travel to Europe this summer, holiday searches continue to increase. has revealed the most popular summer travel destinations, both in the UK and beyond.

These destinations are trending, being the most searched for places by Britons.

Unsurprisingly, eight out of the ten most searched for destinations are in the UK, as the population remains realistic about the unpredictability of the coronavirus.

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Bath, Edinburgh, Inverness, and York were also extremely popular searches.

However, Britons’ desire to travel abroad remains strong as some European countries appeared in the top 100 most searched for destinations.

Croatia, France, and Spain were amongst the most sought-after international nations…

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