Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gear For Moms Who Love To Hike

mothers day gift guide the best gear for moms who love to hike

Celebrate the moms in your life this Mother’s Day.


Not all women want flowers and candy for Mother’s Day. While these things are lovely, perhaps your outdoorsy lady-of-the-house deserves something a bit more tailored to her interests. The following gift ideas are for moms who love to adventure in the outdoors on foot.

Smartwool makes high-quality socks with fun designs.


The socks you move in are important. You don’t want blisters or hot spots on your feet after a long day of hiking, which often develop due to poor sock choice (always choose wool over cotton). Smartwool makes some of the best foot-hugging protectors around. Use Smartwool’s sock finder on their website to find the best pair for your mom. If you can’t decide, look no further than the Women’s Hike Light Cushion Mountain Print Crew Socks, which are the brand’s newest addition.

If your mom loves to hike, likely she loves to backpack and camp as well. Enter Sea to Summit, experts on well-designed, high-performance outdoor gear that keeps you on the trail longer. The Flame Ultralight Women’s Sleeping Bag comes in various temperature ratings—from 15 degrees-Fahrenheit to 48 degrees-Fahrenheit—so that your mom will be cozy and warm no matter where or when she spends a night outside…

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