Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel-Inspired Fragrances

mothers day gift guide the best travel inspired fragrances

This is the first time Maison Christian Dior has referenced a hotel in a fragrance

Christian Dior

Scent is an essential part of travel; whether about adventures to come or taking us back to a particular place and time. This year, more than ever, European fragrance houses are looking to off-radar islands, journeys and legendary hotels for inspiration. 

Armani has had a home on the volcanic island of Pantelleria since 1981, when, as he says, “There were no nice hotels, no restaurants, no life. The greatest excitement of the day was if a car passed by on the road.” Laced with steep dry wall terraces used for cultivating capers, and vineyards for the island’s rich passito wine, as the local joke goes, Pantelleria is still the hardest place in Italy to buy anything with the designer’s name on it. Cyprès Pantelleria by Armani Prive captures the island’s idiosyncratic, independent soul; a medley of citrus as the first impression and then a heady deep dive into the island’s interior with neroli and cypress amid a touch of clary sage and vetiver that harkens to North Africa, just 40 miles away across the Mediterranean. 

Pantelleria is a rugged island located between Sicily and the North African coast…

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