Mount Everest Welcomes You With Open Arms: The World’s Tallest Peak All Set To Reopen In April 202 …

mount everest welcomes you with open arms the worlds tallest peak all set to reopen in april 2021

The world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest is set to reopen after remaining sealed for almost a year due to the coronavirus. According to the sources, hundreds of people will be coming back next month, as the world’s highest mountain will be reopened. The government officials and mountaineers have stated that they will adhere to the listed precautionary measures and COVID restrictions while climbing the mountain.

As per Mira Acharya, a Tourism Department official, more than 300 climbers are likely to attempt to climb when Mount Everest is set to reopen in April as compared to the previously recorded number of 381 climbers, who strived to climb Mount Everest in the same period last year. Mira also added that the said number is despite the necessary period of one-week quarantine, and a certification demonstrating the said climber has tested negative for Coronavirus.

Although, all mountaineering won’t be returning this time, owing to the uneven spread of COVID everywhere and other hampering reasons. Post noticing the weak healthcare system of Nepal, a large number of organizers believe that it is not a stable time to run expeditions…

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