Myth, Legend And Love: How Kalesma Captures The Heart Of Mykonos

myth legend and love how kalesma captures the heart of mykonos

Sumary of Myth, Legend And Love: How Kalesma Captures The Heart Of Mykonos:

  • Luckily, from your suite at the new Kalesma hotel, on the island of Mykonos, you are blessed with both views, so you can take your time to decide.
  • (Credit: Kalesma) The newest hotel on the island stands apart from the many other luxury properties found here – many of which have clinical, cutting-edge designs.
  • ” MORE FOR YOU In fact, Kalesma was once actually a family smallholding, belonging to one of the owner’s grandfathers, and its re-imagination as boutique hotel has been inspired by this past.
  • (Credit: Kalesma) Some of the hotel’s external walls have also been decoratively fashioned with lattice-work to give a nod to the dovecotes that many houses used to have on Mykonos and, particularly, the nearby island of Tinos.
  • (It’s a feature also seen at the new Mykonos airport, which K-studio also designed).
  • Suites have an off-white palette, which is dramatically contrasted with matt-black features – such as the bamboo headboard, stone platters used as artwork and black fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms.

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