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Nanoor: The ‘Kantha’ Hub Of Bengal

Sumary of Nanoor: The ‘Kantha’ Hub Of Bengal:

  • The easy stitch became known as ‘kantha stitch’ and is now used to embroider sarees, dress material for both men and women, bed covers, utility products like bags, etc.
  • What started as a practice of thrift has now blossomed into a veritable utility art product.
  • They would collect old saris and dhotis to stitch them together to make quilts or ‘kantha’ which would be used by the family members during winter, as bedspreads or coverlets.
  • A part of the credit of popularising kantha stitch as a fashion statement goes to Kolkata based Shamlu Dudeja who used it to empower countryside women through her non-profit organisation SHE.

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