Netherlands In October: A Guide To Witness Painted Naturescapes And More!

netherlands in october a guide to witness painted naturescapes and more

Imagine an open road, the end of which seems like a place beyond the horizons, and whereupon standing, you can look around to see alluring landscapes and windmills and feel the light gently touch your face. This is what the Netherlands in October looks like. The Netherlands is a beautiful country in Europe famous for many historical destinations and loads of captivating spots. While the country maintains pleasant weather throughout the year, it is ideal to visit it during October for many reasons that you will find out as you scroll down!

Weather In The Netherlands In October

The weather in the Netherlands is quite chilly and freezing as the average temperature recorded fluctuates between a minimum of 7.5 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius. Nonetheless, the sky is pretty much always clear and the days bless you with ample sunlight to warm up your bodies and soul!

3 Things To Do In The Netherlands In October

​_The Netherlands has a lot to offer when it comes to interesting things that one can do. So, here are the three best things to do in Netherlands in October.

1. Soestdijk Palace: Take A Tour Of Royalty’s Lifestyle

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Nestled amidst dense forests, Soestdijk Palace was built in 1650 and till-date maintains regality and luxurious infrastructure. The Palace is decked up with beautiful nurseries and will give you a chance to have a sneak-peak into the royal living! The Palace is open for tours so you can go without any worries!

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2. Kröller-Muller Museum: Explore The History Of Netherlands

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