New Found Lands: An Exhibition on Indian Landscapes Through Paintings

new found lands an exhibition on indian landscapes through paintings

They may not have had Instagram or Pinterest at their disposal but they were influencers to boot, using their artistic skills to showcase exotic India to the world through their drawings and paintings, sometimes converted to sets of aquatints. Take a look at the ongoing exhibition titled New Found Lands: The Indian Landscape from Empire to Freedom to see some of these paintings.  

Presented by DAG and curated by Dr Giles Tillotson, the exhibition covers the evolution of Indian landscape painting from 1780 to 1980, and is divided into three parts – The Picturesque Landscape, The Naturalist Landscape, and the Free Landscape.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, many of the paintings will resonate with avid travellers. Artists such as William Hodges, and Thomas and William Daniell, travelled across India in the 18th century, interpreting the landscape through their brushes and paints. From famous monuments to derelict buildings, from natural landscapes to livelihood of people, nothing escaped their attention. There are also a large number of exhibits from the Company School (also called Patna painting, style of miniature painting that developed in India in the second half of the 18th century in response to the tastes of the British serving with the East India Company, according to the Britannica website)…

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