Nightclub Entrepreneur Opens House Of Wisdom, The UK’s Newest Wellness Center


House of Wisdom, new wellness center in London House of Wisdom

There’s no need to travel abroad to a health and wellness retreat as the UK’s newest wellness center has recently opened in London. At the beginning of 2021, following the chaos of 2020, people are bound to be seeking mind and body therapies. House of Wisdom is a clever new wellness venture by nightclub entrepreneur Luca Maggiora, sound therapist Steph Reynolds and model Cristina Garces. It offers everything you need in London to fulfill your new year’s resolutions for mind and body. As one of the founders, Steph Reynolds, suggests,”take care of your mind, everything you need is within.”

The three founders of House of Wisdom House of Wisdom

Launching a new business in 2020 was a bold move but House of Wisdom’s opening in August was actually ideal timing. At that moment, London was out of lockdown and the response to the appealing range of restorative classes was tremendous with over 700 bookings for classes in the first three weeks. The founders credit this success with a desire to mix with others in person; weary of Zoom calls, people were keen to get out of their houses and the House of Wisdom classes offered a chance to see other faces as well as an opportunity to destress. Following further government mandated lockdowns that closed the studios, the business nimbly pivoted to offer a full range of online options.

London and other large cities have lots of health clubs and spas competition so what makes House of Wisdom different? Founder Luca Maggiora says that while there are lots of places to keep people’s bodies fit, he saw a gap in the market for a “mind gym” where mental fitness is the focus.

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