Norway’s Top Sustainable Travel Destinations

norways top sustainable travel destinations

As plans to relax pandemic travel restrictions begin to take shape, travel journalists are racing to pinpoint emerging travel trends. Once the global travel industry clicks back into gear, many think sustainable travel will be the number one growth area.

Author Elizabeth Becker told National Geographic she believes consumers are “doubling down on sustainability” and that post-pandemic travelers will demand companies implement “responsible travel policies.” Others believe change is happening on the supply side too. Pól Ó Conghaile from the Irish Independent said the pandemic has given tourism businesses time “to run the rule over their operations, and to see sustainability not just as a philosophy, but as economic sense.”

It’s one thing for a business to call its operations sustainable, but quite another for them to prove it. Norway has long been a “sustainability trailblazer,” according to Stockholm-based travel consultant Neil Rogers. He told Outside that it’s because most Norwegians live close to nature: “They appreciate and care about the places they recreate in and understand that they must rapidly take actions to protect and conserve their environment and culture…

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