Off the Beaten Path: Part II

off the beaten path part ii

Nilgiri Mountain RailwayWhy: The railway line consists of unearthly views of rivers, bridges, valleys and grasslands; it covers 16 tunnels, 208 curves and 250 bridgesHow: Bedecked with tunnels, forests, valleys and grasslands, this mountain-bound train voyage passes through Mettupalayam curves, and spirals into Ooty while scaling an elevation from 326 metres to 2,203 metres within a span of five hours.

Dubbed as the steepest railway system in Asia, and labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the toy train halts at four stations during its voyage, and offers travellers splendid views of cascading waters, extensive bridges, and mist-riddled hilltops for one to marvel at. Try landing a seat to the right when on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route, and one on the left while travelling through Ooty-Coonoor-Mettupalayam.

Why: Waterfalls nestled in unsullied nature are a treat to sore eyesWhen: The ideal time to visit is September to JuneHow: The Song of the Brook by Tennyson will fall short to explain the serenity of the cascading water as it curves through the cliffs and bounces across the river. Just 16 kilometres away from Ooty at Mettupalayam Road lies the beauty of Catherine Waterfalls, for which you must trail up the Dolphin’s Nose viewpoint to enjoy the twin waterfall gushing down…

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