On the Road Less Taken: Off-Roading in Gujarat

on the road less taken off roading in gujarat

While most people find bumpy and muddy roads during the rainy season a little dreadful, there are some who wait to embark on adventurous off-roading trips. Gujarat is fortunate to have a diverse terrain, a large part of which remains completely unexplored. Thanks to this interesting terrain, Gujarat has emerged as a sought-after location for off-roading bikers and SUV drivers, who seek thrill in navigating through uneven terrains. Riding on a treacherous, bumpy, muddy and rocky path is what excites these daredevil riders.

Their love for the great outdoors and visiting remote places while driving on unpaved roads bring them to the beautiful state of Gujarat with their adventure junkie friends and fellow riders. For some, off-roading in Gujarat helps them to drive on more challenging terrains like those in Ladakh and Spiti, while for some, it’s just an opportunity to bring some thrill to their otherwise mundane lives.

Some of the most popular off-roading routes in Gujarat include Sanathal, Pavagadh, Aalloa Hills, Ambod, Jasalpur, Polo Forest and Karai Dam. These destinations are frequented by regular off-roaders of Gujarat. Then there’s the Rann of Kutch, which is divided into the Little Rann Of Kutch and the Great Rann…

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