One in three UK restaurants say they won’t survive until Christmas

one in three uk restaurants say they wont survive until christmas

Over a third of UK restaurants (34 per cent) fear that they won’t survive until Christmas.

That’s according to a new survey of 200 restaurant owners and decision-makers that also found that a similar number (32 per cent) believe that government support for the industry is inadequate.

Tanisha Broady, owner of the Rock of Virtue Café in Cambridge, told MailOnline Travel that for her business to stay afloat for the next three months, she needs £10,000 from the government to cover rent.

Over a third of UK restaurants (34 per cent) fear that they won’t survive until Christmas

Rahul Sharma, Director at The Regency Club in London, also voiced concern about government support for the sector.

He told MailOnline Travel that he received £3,000 for each lockdown in the form of government grants and ‘the Furlough scheme helped a lot’.

But he added: ‘The biggest expense for us is our rent – our business model is designed to operate as a restaurant, but now we are operating as a takeaway. So, we are still paying the overheads of a restaurant. There needs to be something done for people who pay high rent. There has not been any agreement done on a wider commercial basis.’

Chris Jones, owner of the Naked Deli in Newcastle, said: ‘This year has been all about survival. We’ve been looking from week to week hoping we can keep the lights on and staff employed.’

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