Page Turners: You Can Still Travel Thousands Of Miles With Assouline


While we are somewhat confined to our armchairs right now, we can indulge our wanderlust with some true escapism of a different kind. With bold colours, strong design, interesting subject matters and the unearthing of unique destinations, Assouline has a strong history when it comes to travel books. Its collection of coffee books for travel lovers is continuously updated and later this year it will publish four new titles to escape with: Provence Glory by François Simon; Hamptons Private by Dan Rattiner; Tuscany Marvel by Cesare Cunaccia and Havana Blues by Pamela Ruiz.

Versailles: From Louis XIV to Jeff Koons (published by Assouline) (Credit: Assouline)

One of its most recent titles is the glorious Versailles: From Louis XIV to Jeff Koons – giving the reader a glimpse into the glittering Château de Versailles. Crafted in collaboration with Château de Versailles Research Center, the title recounts the most important historical, social, and cultural milestones of Versailles, beginning with the original proposal for a modest hunting lodge, requested by Louis XIII in 1623. The text is by Catherine Pégard, president of the Château de Versailles, who has collaborated with Mathieu da Vinha, scientific director of the Château de Versailles Research Center, with the title revealing the many stories which have unfolded within the palace’s walls.

Inside the new hotel – Airelles Château de Versailles –due to open this spring. (Credit: Renee Kemps)

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