Pemayangtse Monastery: A Guide To This Historical And Spiritual Retreat In Sikkim

pemayangtse monastery a guide to this historical and spiritual retreat in sikkim

Are you looking to escape from the boredom of life and looking for a peaceful and mesmerizing outing to some majestic place? Then, a visit to Pemayangtse Monastery would be an ideal trip for you to relish the sumptuous essence of this Sikkim. This legendary monastery is embossed with galore of artistic elements and picturesque sights as well. Getting insights into the spiritualistic aspects of this place would rejuvenate your body and soul and fill you with exuberance and liveliness as well. Located near a small town, Pelling, you may also relish the opportunity of witnessing some of the most incredible in and around this majestic place. So what are you waiting for pack your bags and get ready for the most memorable trip of your lives, this experience would certainly get you up close with nature’s most glorious form.

Pemayangtse Monastery in Sikkim is certainly a place that should be visited for inner peace and visual treat. It is amongst the most ancient monasteries in this part of the country and was constructed and planned by Lama Lhatsun Campo in 1705. The Bhutias only occupy this monastery from the Sikkim background, and only elite monks are chosen for a stay in this astonishing place…

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