Peta turned her struggle with health into her prowess

peta turned her struggle with health into her prowess

Sumary of Peta turned her struggle with health into her prowess:

  • “I was told I would need transfusions every month for the rest of my life, so I looked into how I could take control of my own health,”.
  • I spoke to hundreds of health practitioners, attended conferences, learned about the latest health foods, supplements, and got schooled up on prevention..
  • “It became crystal clear that what we put into our bodies, how active we are, and how we manage our stress plays a crucial role in how feel and our long-term health.”.
  • Finally, with the support from an integrative doctor and much research into her health, she was able to get back onto her feet, never needing a transfusion..
  • “Natural, wholesome foods helped me take control of my health, and I want to spread this message to as many people as I possibly can..
  • I want others to learn how and why they should love nourishing their bodies because it feels pretty spectacular.”.
  • At the age of 25 she came up with the idea of sampling the exact foods that improved her health and created her business GoodnessMe, which is now Australia Largest health food sampling subscription service….

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