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Pheasant Season In South Dakota Draws General Interest

Sumary of Pheasant Season In South Dakota Draws General Interest:

  • In previous visits to this bird hunter’s bucket list destination, I was flanked by Senator John Thune and old ally Tom Brokaw, two South Dakota kids who built their careers in the big cities of the East but who always return to their home state for pheasant season—what Brokaw refers to as a religious vacation in South Dakota.
  • Paul Nelson Farm has attracted notable hunters from across the globe—celebrities from politics to …
  • We’ve hunted birds from the burnt pines of South Georgia to the moors of Scotland…and frequently on the groomed fields of Brays—often behind his athletic German shorthaired pointer.
  • Texas hunter Gunter Ben Stalnaker is all smiles after receiving an autographed hat from astronaut …

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