Plans For Three New Airports In Northern Norway Under Fire

plans for three new airports in northern norway under fire

The proposed relocated airport and new district of Bodø.

City of Bodø

Does Northern Norway’s Nordland county really need three new airports? Friends of the Earth Norway says no.

Plans are in place to build new airports with full-size runways in Bodø, Rana and the Lofoten islands. Together with the existing Evenes airport, this would mean four full-size airports serving a county of just 250,000 people.

A spokesperson from Friends of the Earth Norway (Naturvernforbundet) said that new major airports are not needed “because people will want to travel less after the pandemic.” It’s a view validated by an NRK survey suggesting that once the pandemic is over, 36% of Norwegians will travel less then before.

In the event that travel demand returns, the group claimed building the airports will have “too great an impact” on the environment and the climate: “A society that is planning more and more trips will have major problems in achieving the climate goals we need.”

Plans are in place to relocate the existing Bodø airport by half a mile to make room for a new city district, at a total cost of NOK 5…

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