Portugal’s New Tourism Campaign Promises A Better Tomorrow: Here’s What That Really Means

portugals new tourism campaign promises a better tomorrow heres what that really means

Praia da Marinha, ranked among the 10 most beautiful in Europe and among the 100 most beautiful in … [+] the world Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal

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One of the silver linings of the pandemic and the immeasurable toll that it has taken on the travel world is that it’s given us a reset, an opportunity to think everything through, start over and correct some of the mistakes and excesses of the past.

A few weeks ago, around the same time that the Portuguese government began to announce plans to emerge from its strict but successful winter lockdown—the country went from having the worst coronavirus numbers in Europe to some of the best—the Portuguese tourism board doubled down on that message of doing things better this time around.

In early March, it launching its #CantSkipTomorrow campaign and (a follower to last year’s successful #Can’t Skip Hope) and a video called “Hello World. It’s Me, Tomorrow” that’s full of gorgeous images of the natural world and a voice-over in which a child expresses his love for wild places and then an adult voice takes over and asks us to “change today so we can keep visiting tomorrow.”

Curiously, apart from portraits of Portuguese who work in the tourism sector toward the end of the video, none of the images in shows Portugal…

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