Quit Your Job And Move To An Island: 15 Places So Cheap You Might Not Have To Work

quit your job and move to an island 15 places so cheap you might not have to work

Remote work is one thing, but why not just quit that day job and move to an island that’s so cheap you don’t have to work and can spend your life on permanent vacation? A new report from International Living—a magazine and website devoted to good-value living, travel, investment and retirement abroad—shows that it might be possible.

International Living recently unveiled 15 cheap islands around the world where you can retire early and live on as little as $1,200 a month. “The idea of an island escape comes wrapped up with romance and adventure, but people usually put the idea in the category of fantasy—something only the very wealthy could pull off,” says Jennifer Stevens, executive editor at International Living. “In truth, though, all kinds of good-value islands sit tucked into the world’s waters, and many of them offer a cost of living that’s much lower than in the U.S.”

So read on to find out about 15 places that will make your island dreams come true. We’ve listed the islands in order of cost, starting with the cheapest. One thing to keep in mind is that prices are based on the cost for a couple; the cost for a single person will be about a quarter to a third less…

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