Radical 150-Foot-Long Sailing Superyacht Concept Breaks Conventional Design Barriers

radical 150 foot long sailing superyacht concept breaks conventional design barriers

EXO is a radical new 150-foot-long sailing superyacht concept

Claydon Reeves/Dykstra Naval Architects

Radical. Reimagined. Revolutionary. Words like these are often used to describe new superyacht concepts. But few new superyacht designs combine a fresh new aesthetic (both inside and out) with serious engineering innovations that make a host of new ideas possible quite like the new 150-foot-long EXO concept sailing yacht that was developed in partnership between Claydon Reeves and Dykstra Naval Architects is all about.

According to preliminary reports, the designers primary focus was  to let greater amounts of light into the interior and provide better views from within than other similar-sized yacht, so EXO was given huge glass windows that wrap over the deck and a convex wall of glass that separates the saloon from the aft beach club. Meanwhile, thanks to a recent research program that’s studying potential applications of so-called “topology optimization” in yacht design, EXO’s structural “exoskeleton” has been engineered to divide and dissipate all the forces on the yacht to make this radical new design approach possible…

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