Remembering the Goa Carnival on Holi

remembering the goa carnival on holi

If you want to experience Holi – Goan style, don’t miss the carnival. Festivities derive their energy from floats, costumes, dance, beer, and water balloons. However, there is just one condition if you want to soak in the experience – you have got to be a little bit crazy.

Sometimes the best of experiences come unexpectedly. And that is the beauty of travel. You never know what surprise awaits. Scrolling through old photos always creates nostalgia, especially when you are in a lockdown, keeping alive the excitement to travel.

Some colourful pictures caught my attention and took me back a couple of years. I usually plan my travels well. Research and a list are my favourite companions. But on our trip to Goa two years ago, we were fortunate to get glimpses of the iconic Goa Carnival, purely by chance. With little research, we unknowingly landed in Goa during the last two days of the carnival.And I finally got to strike something off my bucket list. I had always pictured the carnival to be a grand affair filled with pomp and excitement. What we witnessed exceeded our expectations.When we checked with the hotel staff they informed us that the main carnival was happening in Mapusa and there was no way we could make it in time from Salcete, where we were staying…

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